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190921 - Healthcare Equipment Manufacturer

Great Business For A Veteran

Great Business For A Veteran

Great Business For A Veteran



Business Profile (Ref# 190921)

  • This niche business provides equipment for the eyecare industry. Their products are essential components of the research and development (R&D) and quality assurance (QA) aspects of manufacturing. Their equipment has become the standard test platform for the world’s eyecare industry. They are the only manufacturers of this equipment, which is required for the rapidly growing worldwide industry niche. The business requires only the owner and, at times, one part-time employee and is located in a small facility located on the owner home property. 


  • The company was formed from the work of two engineers working at a major University. In the 1970's, two founders started separate companies. Their firstcollaboration was in 1976 and their combined efforts led to the start of the Company as it is known today. Even though the current owner has limited the growth of the business due to other interests, sales have remained consistent. 

Reason For The Sale

  • The current owner purchased the business in 2013 with plans to bring his son onboard to run the business, but his son’s interest in the business never materialized. The owner has other technology companies and he has not been able to   devote full attention to this business. For that reason, he has decided to sell the business. 

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Small Business Financing

Great Business For A Veteran

Great Business For A Veteran


 Historical Financials
                       Sales                          EBITDA   

2019             $352,246                   $266,420     

2018             $337,736                   $273,381       

2017            $452,298                   $361,949      

Potential For Growth

  • The company maintains sales levels without advertising and, since the Company is the only supplier of this essential equipment, it is expected that with marketing and advertising, sales could increase. 

  • There are several factors that indicate a very positive outlook and major opportunities for substantial long-term success by the Company.

Key Considerations

  1. Can be easily relocated
  2. Continued industry growth
  3. Strong relationships with equipment suppliers
  4. Demand for additional products
  5. Potential for services and training
  6. Ready for  price increase
  7. Two new products are ready for production and marketing
  8. No debt
  9. Good margins
  10. Untapped growth potential
  11. High brand recognition
  12. Industry influencer
  13. Proprietary product line 

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