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Valuation Support

Chelsis Financial provides valuation support for business owners that are considering the sale of a privately-held business. Our unique value assessment approach gives you the support you need to make informed decisions and is a preliminary step prior to committing to a full business valuation. It will help discover the underlying strengths of your business and promote full discussion of relevant points related to business value. Our value assessment is offered at no cost for qualified business owners.

Our Invitation

 We offer strategic insight for motivated business owners and professionals that wish to exit their business now or in the next few years. Our clients are building valuable companies that give them the leverage they need to push back against  "proprietary deals", unnecessary "earn-outs" and "take-backs" that shift the risk onto the shoulders of the entrepreneur, even though he/she has been carrying the load since the beginning. Our approach is a statistically proven method for increasing the value of a business by 71%. The question is simple: Why not get every penny you can? Invite us in to talk about our approach and how it can benefit you.  

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